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Carbon Clover Connect - Social Distancing 4-H Style

We all know that 4-H is awesome... but how do we keep it going while social distancing due to COVID-19?  Use this page for access to the latest education content, interactive lessons, and ideas for things to do at home with your family.  Even if you are not in 4-H feel free to log in and use these resources & participate in the programming. Topics will vary as will delivery methods... Some will be live in webinar format, some will be videos, some will be links to other state resources pick and choose as works for your family.  You do not need to be enrolled in 4-H or that 4-H project to participate all are welcome! Please share with your friends and family as well.  

Carbon Live Webinar Schedule:

  • Rubber Band Cars! 2 pm 4/7/2020
  • For the Rubber band Car Challenge you will need:
    To build a car you guys need:
    -2 rubber bands
    -wood skewers or sticks for axles
    -4 bottle caps
    -4 larger tops of some sort for the wheels
    -Something for a body of the car (like a pop or water bottle)
    -Hot glue gun

    That is pretty much it. Feel free to watch and build later too if you can't gather all the supplies right now. I am envisioning several versions and trial runs of these cars being made in each house using different things for the pieces and parts to accomplish the fastest car. I know i will be making some changes to my first prototype. Logon on facebook live or webex. Link is below. See you all at 2!

  • On facebook live at Carbon County 4-H Outbreak Page or
    Link to the webinar  is 


  • Are you up for the 4-H Outbreak Challenge? Join us every Tuesday and Thursday in April and find out!

Clover challenge

Other Resources: Including webinars & resources

 Montana State 4-H Resource Page

National 4-H

  Five ways to keep kids engaged and learning at home 

Horses Project Activities:

Resources from other States:

QuaranTEEN (Arizona)  The AZ4-H QuaranTEEN Project is a daily virtual meet up focused on a specific project. Using zoom app.  These virtual meet ups will focus on continuing project work while you are social distancing. These meetings are for 4-H youth who want to help determine the daily challenges generating social media content around the specific project. Based out of Arizona but feel free to join from here as well.